The writers of this site are dedicated to 4 areas, cooking, hiking, biking, and camping.  Every article and review is hands on.  We actually use it or have done it.  With all the distractions in life today, its time to just relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.  Yes, we do use technology but not as much as you think.  I love my digital meat thermometer!

We may not be handing out tons of time saving tips or things to purchase to make life easier but we will give you tried and true insight into various everyday things that WE USE.  It may be a cooking recipe or a new drink.  It may be a hike we did or a widget we bought for our bike.  The one true thing is that everything ON this site we have done or used or eaten and will give our opinion about each.

So take a look around and enjoy.  And FYI, a website is not populated overnight.  We will slowly be adding more of everything on site as time permits.  We hope to add at least 3-4 articles / week.


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