The Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail is a natural surface trail that takes visitors through restored oak-savanna, farmland and along Adams Creek.  Yes, this is also in the Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail area but this trail is an EXCELLENT beginner trail.

Location: Mt. Pleasant, NC (map)

Distance: 2 miles (not a loop but out and back)

Difficulty: Easy

This trail is an excellent choice for those who have never been mountain biking before.  Not a lot of elevation or obstacle.  The trail is about 75% single track and 25% old road beds.  The single track does have rocks so you need to watch but the elevation gain so the trails are relatively flat.  When biking, you will spend about 60% of your time in the sun and 40% under tree cover.  Just keep that in mind when selecting the time of year and time of the day when you are biking.

This trail is marked to NOT ride unless it is completely dry.  That would mean that most winter days are a  no-go.  Just keep that in mind.  If it has rained recently, give this trail a pass.

The parking lot is small and can only hold about 8-10 vehicles.  The good news is that I have never seen more than 4 cars in the lot.  When driving there you will notice that you are driving thru neighborhoods.  Yup.  This trail is right in the middle of neighborhoods and farms which makes it that more interesting.

When you start off, you will go about 9/10 mi on singletrack.  It then switches to an old road bed for then next 2/10 mi then cuts back into the woods on single track again.  At 1.6 mi, you will come to a bridge that crosses Adams Creek.  FYI, this is a swinging bridge.  It moves (a lot) when you walk on it.  From there, back on old road beds to the end of the trail.

For more information, visit the website.

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