Here you can find items that I actually use.  No, these are not items that I have stuffed in a drawer that someone paid me to use demonstrate but actual every day tools and gear that I love using.  No BS.  And No, I do not get paid for any of this.  I just like writing about something that I hope someone else can find useful.

Kitchen Aid Outdoor Grill

When it rains, it pours.  I needed a new grill.  First, I was offered the Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG grill.  I accepted.  Now a gas grill.  I accepted.

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Black Bean Salsa

This is a great side and easy to make.  Also, it is great for picnics and get togethers since it does not contain any ingredients that could go bad in the heat.

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Pink Grapefruit Martini

This is an easy and refreshing drink.  We love these on a cool summer day while sitting on the porch.

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Perfect Cosmo

I love trying to new drink recipes (even though I am an avid bourbon drinker).  Here was one I tried out and the wife really loved.

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Air Frying - Whats the Fuss?

I am new into Air Frying.  In fact, I was introduced to my first experience in taste in April of 2020 (yes, the pandemic).  After that one episode, I was sold.

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Smoked Pork Butt

I have done many of these but never wrote anything about them.  With my new Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG, thought I say how it all went.

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Easy and tasty chili recipe.  The difference is this uses both beef and pork and is loaded with beans.

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Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG

I needed to get a new grill and was looking at replacing my current gas grill with something similar until a pellet grill happened to become available.

Read more: Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG

Okra and Tomatoes

With summer here, so are the veggies..specifically okra and tomatoes.  Yes, you can get the canned version but why?  You can easily make this yourself and it tastes so much better (and it is cheaper).

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Caprese Zoodles

This is a great summer type dish (although I eat it year round).  It is fresh and just gets your taste buds going.

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Fried Rice

I love rice.  I love fried rice.  I have never been that good at making it so I have tried various recipes to try to get it right.  This one may not be perfect, but it really tastes good (and it is easy).

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Glazed Carrots

This side dish is a big hit at home.  The first time I made it, I liked it so much, I made once a week for months.

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