Never thought I would think a simple tray would be such a hit.  Many times when prepping meats, I was always trying to find a cookie sheet or something to use while prepping.  Now, I just use my prep trays.

I was out shopping with the wife at our daughters college when I wandered into a Williams and Sonoma store.  I always like looking at the newest cookign gizmos and the pots/pans, etc.  I ran across a set of these trays.  At first, just kind of blew them off but after thinking about them for a while, I went back and purchased them.  I really did not think I would use them as much as I do OR like them as much as I do....after it all, it just a fricking tray.

I love that they fit in the dishwasher easily.  Since I typically am using these with raw meat, getting them clean is essential.  There are two sizes but I have found the Large (vs. the Extra Large) quite ample especially for a $20 price difference.

A very simple item yet very practical especially if you grill a lot.  I now use them for everything, not just meat 

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