For most special occasions or holidays, I usually try to make a different or unique drink that my wife has not tried.  This Valentines Day, it is the Chocolate Martini!

The actual drink is VERY easy to make.  The dressing of the glass, well, it takes as much as you want to put in it.  I will go over what I did and you can add more or not do any of it at all.


Chocolate Syrup

1 shot Vodka

1 shot Baileys Irish Cream (or you favorite)

1.25 shots Chocolate Liqueur

Grab a flat saucer from your cabinet and squeeze enough chocolate to cover the plate.  The plate should be large enough so that you can place a martini glass upside down on it.  When the plate is completely coverered in chocolate, place the glass on the plate and spin it to ensure that the entire rim of the glass is dipped in chocolate.  Remove the glass. That step may seem useless but actually it really does give the drink a better chocolaty taste.

Next you want to drizzle the chocolate on the inside of the martini glass.  There is no right or wrong way...too little or too much.  I take a spoon and fill it with chocolate.  Then with the glass at a 45 degree angle, drizzle the chocolate while spinning the glass.  Just be creative.  Once that is done, you are finally ready to make the actual drink

In a shaker filled with ice, combine the liquors.  Note that this recipe is for ONE glass.  If you are making two, double the amounts.  Also, every shot glass is different.  The one I use is 2 oz.  Notice that you add more Chocolate Liqueur than the others.  At least with the brand I was using, I found that I need a bit more.  Yours may vary.  A word of caution, I would practice making the drink FIRST before handing it out.  I made this drink 3 times before I found the combination I liked.  I actually do that with EVERY cocktail I do until I like the recipe.

Once all the liquor is added, cover and shake until ice cold.  Pour into the glasses and drink.

This is a particular hit with the ladies.  I have yet to find one woman who did not love this drink.

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