I needed to get a new grill and was looking at replacing my current gas grill with something similar until a pellet grill happened to become available.


I never even considered a pellet cooker.  Why?  Well I already had a charcoal smoker.  So what does that have to do with it.  I thought most pellet grills were for smoking and not EVERYTHING.  By chance, I got access to a pellet grill.

Here is the whole story.  I own a Weber Genesis Gold gas grill.  I bought this grill in 2003.  It has been a GREAT grill.  I clean it every year.  I inspect the components and replace those that need it, every year.  Well this year, my grill caught fire.  Not a gas leak but a grease fire.

My kids had friends over.  They were grilling...a lot...a lot of really greasy foods.  They did not empty the grease trap.  Next time using it, I did not CHECK the grease trap.  Why?  I am usually the only one using the grill and knew it did not need it.  WRONG.  

About 10 minutes into cooking I notice it smoking...a lot.  FIRE!  I pulled out the grease trap and put it out (and yes, I kept grilling - I was not about to ruin my two pork loins).  Everything was fine.

Next day, I inspected and cleaned the grill.  The grates were warped.  I also noticed after cleaning that the dual shielded lid was rusted through in many spots.  Two of the propane jets were loose.  The screws were stripped and corroded.  Basically the more I looked, the worse it got.  Time for a new grill.

Talking with brother, he mentioned that our Dad had a pellet grill he did use (I do not think he liked it).  Called him and asked to buy it and now I am the owner of a 3 year old Green Mountain Grill.  It is the Jim Bowie model and it is pretty damn nice.

I went and picked it up and brought it home.  The only issue was a bad igniter.  Everything else worked fine.  Got a new igniter ($18) and now with a push of a button, I can be grilling in 5 minutes.  As I type this, I am smoking a pork butt.

I have not had it long but i can tell that I will like it.  It uses indirect heat.  Has a great grease catch to keep the grill clean.  I love the front shelf.  It is easy to start and VERY easy to maintain a constant temperature.  Although the indoor sensor is about 15 degrees off, it is consistent so you just adjust for it.  The pellets are not very expensive and it is easy to load.  It is also WiFi enabled so I can keep tabs on it and control the temperature without having to go outside.  

The picture shown is an older model that what you can get on the GMG site but it is still nice.  If you have not used pellet grill, go give one a try.  You may ditch your charcoal.


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