I have done many of these but never wrote anything about them.  With my new Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG, thought I say how it all went.

I must admit, I only got the smoker the weekend before.  I only cooked chicken tenders the night before just to give it a test run cooking anything.  So what am I going to do?  Spend 10 hours cooking a pork butt!

I am still new at this pellet smoker.  I did not have time to go and research pellets, etc.  I had a partial bag of Apple pellets from Cabelas that came with the smoker.  I went to Home Depot and just got another bag of Oak pellets.  I knew I would need more to smoke most of the day.

At 7:00am, I got up and pulled the meat out of the fridge.  I put the Basic Rub on the evening before.  At 7:30am, I started the smoker.  That only took about 15 minutes to get it ready.  First step is what I call a "sear" (but not really).  I wanted the smoker to be at 380 degrees.  Once there and the meat was at room temperature, I put the butt fat side down on the grates.  I cooked it for 30 minutes.  Then I flipped it over for anohter 30 minutes.  I want to get the outside cooked and try to meld the rub in.

After a total of 60 minutes, I turned the temperature down to 235 and also put in the temperature probe.  The goal is to get the meat to at least 160 degrees so I can wrap it.  I did not time it but it took until after lunch before I hit the 160 mark.  Once there, I put the butt in foil with apple juice.  You need to create a boat of sorts to hold the juice and prevent it from leaking out.  Then wrap it all up tight.  Once ready, put it back in the smoker.

Next goal is to get the meat OVER 200 degrees.  The meat is done at 165 but I want to melt the fat and make the meat tender and easy to pull.  Once on the grill, I insert the meat probe and just wait.  Eventually the meat hits 202 and I pull it off.  I set it on the counter to sit for 30+ minutes (I want it to cool off enough to handle).  Just remember that it will continue to cook for 2-3 degrees while sitting on the counter.

I carefully unwrap the meat and place on my cutting board.  Now comes the fun.  Chop, chop, chop!  I also taste a bit too.  Once all chopped, it is ready to server.

I will admit that this grill was easy to use and the meat came out very nice.  If you can, give a pellet cooker a try.  Also, the leftover meat was vacuum sealed and put in the freezer.

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