I am new into Air Frying.  In fact, I was introduced to my first experience in taste in April of 2020 (yes, the pandemic).  After that one episode, I was sold.


With all the new gadgets coming out for cooking, I tend to ignore a lot of the hype.  Now why would I need yet another cooking device in my kitchen?  Ok, so I have changed my ways.  I am now willing to read about these devices AND get real user input (ie: I need to know a person who has one and experience for myself before I buy one).  In this case, I was at my brothers house in Florida for 6 weeks.  The first evening there, he cooked my chicken wings.

At first I thought, ok, lets grill. Nope.  We are going to Air Fry!  No idea what that meant but he showed my the cooker.  We rinsed the wings, patted them dry, put a bit of olive oil on them, and cooked them.  Ok, I am not easily impressed.  I have tried MANY times to cook CRISP wings.  It is hard and very time consuming.  Not anymore.  The Air Fryer was incredible.  I bet we ate 2 pounds of wings.  Along with Trader Joe's Gold sauce (that is another story).  I was sold.  I need to get one.

Before I left to go back home, I ordered one.  I did a lot of research but did not want to spend a fortune on my first Air Fryer.  Get a good one, use it for a good long while until you know what you like and dislike then order the perfect one.  I opted for the Secura Max 6.3 Qt Air Fryer.  It was large enough for what I cook and the price was not bad either.  It was also digital (which I wanted at the time but in now i would say, it does not matter).

After using it now for at least 4-5 months, I can tell you what I like and do not like about this model and Air Fryers in general.


They crisp - very well.  Potatoes (think waffle fries), wings, chicken tenders, etc.  Does not matter - it crisps well without out oil.

Reheating leftovers is SOOO much better than microwaving or the oven.  It tastes like it did the first time.

It is quicker than cooking conventionally.

I love it for toasting my frozen bread.

Cooks eggs, omelets, etc.

The list can go on and on about why you should get a fryer.


Most are too small unless you are cooking for 2 people.  You have to do batches.  If you want to cook more than one thing, you make do.

Do not get the dual basket design.  I have that.  Hate it.  My brother has one that has the insert.  I am not sure which cooks better than the other but the insert is SO mush easier to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, pain in the ass.  But still worth it.  I do not put mine in dishwasher.  Wash by hand. Takes time but it is worth how the food comes out.


You need to get one.  Experiment.  We cook Brats, veggies, pizza, fritadas, you name it.  What I can say is invest in the parchment paper inserts.  I use them for reheating chicken, pizza, etc.  Saves a cleaning.  I also got a few attachments like a pan (I use it for omelets) and also silicon cupcake cups.  I use them for making Egg Bites and also cornbread.  

There are so many things you can do with this fryer.  Worth the investment.

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