When it rains, it pours.  I needed a new grill.  First, I was offered the Pellet Cooker - JB by GMG grill.  I accepted.  Now a gas grill.  I accepted.

Before anyone goes nuts on me for having so many grills, let me explain.  Before, I had two grills.  My Weber Gold of 18 years and my PBC.  Once used for every day grilling, etc and the other for just smoking.  When my gas grill gave it up, I asked around and someone offered my the pellet cooker (which I love).  After using it, I realized that I needed another grill that would not impart a smoke flavor (my wife was complaining).

So I asked around again and found this 8 year old Kitchen Aid grill.  Before you go all out, this grill was in CRAPPY shape.  I spent over 8 hours scrubbing it clean.  Then I had to replace many of the electronic components.  It was worth it.

I was able to finally use it last weekend cooking salmon.  I really like how it operates.  I am surprised I was able to get it cleaned up nice.  All that is left is a cover.

I do like that this is 5 burners.  This allows great indirect heat control.  I also really like the searing station.  Never had one but that thing get HOT.  I cannot wait to try that out on a steak.  The rest of the grill is fine.  It has enclosed spaces where the tank and shelving are but that is not something that is really important to me.  I like being able to control the heat, easy to clean, and easy to fix.  It fits all that criteria.  And it did not cost me much - that helped a lot too.

Would I recommend buying this grill?  Too early to tell but also there are features I do not want.  But again, the price was right so I can overlook the issues.

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